"Feedback from our clients has been very positive indeed!"

Susan D'Augustino, Tampa


When we created SkySuite™, we knew it was crucial that we featured major benefits for business centers, co-working facilities, shared offices and their small business clients. According to the people using it, we've done exactly that. Clients thrive with the latest productivity tools, and  operate more efficiently with a significant reduction in IT and phones service overhead. Our range of packages offers clients the most flexibility in choosing what they need for their business.

You're a Business Center, Coworking or shared offices Manager.

You want to offer top-tier services your clients can't live without. You want the most current products in the industry. You want to significantly reduce your IT and voice systems overhead without sacrificing quality. You want top-notch support. And you want it all at a price that makes business sense.

Benefits to Business Centers, Coworking facilities and shared offices include:

  • Offer members top tier products
  • No expensive new hardware to buy
  • 100% US-based
  • Reduce IT and Phone system costs significantly
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You're a Business Center, Coworking facility or shared offices Client.

You want powerful voice solutions, email, desktop applications and messaging. On your phone and your computer. You want the latest, greatest software. You want high security, automatic backup and complete peace of mind. And you want it 24/7, wherever you are on the planet.

Benefits to Business Center, coworking facilities and shared offices clients include:

  • Email on your phone & computer
  • Full enterprise-grade voice and data solutions with no capital expense
  • Access everything from anywhere
  • Security, backup, & support
  • A monthly fee with no long term contracts like most providers
  • PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant
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