"The power that CRM 2011 gives us is incredible. We're able to track everything."

Jeff Abbott, Charlotte NC


When we created SkySuite™, we knew it was crucial that we featured major benefits for business centers, co-working facilities, shared offices and their small business clients. According to the people using it, we've done exactly that. Clients thrive with the latest productivity tools, and  operate more efficiently with a significant reduction in IT and phones service overhead. Our range of packages offers clients the most flexibility in choosing what they need for their business.


Some businesses' needs are different. We understand that. Not everybody wants to make the jump from the essentials to a full-blown professional office suite of applications. That's why we created our Pay-per-apps package. Simply pick and choose the applications which your business needs, and we'll add them on to your essentials package for a nominal charge.

  • cloudCloud Drive Storage
  • QuickbooksQuickbooks Pro, Premier or Accountant
  • CS5Adobe Creative Suite 5
  • ProjectMicrosoft Project
  • VisioMicrosoft Visio
  • Visual StudioMicrosoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional
  • ExpressionMicrosoft Expression Studio for Web Professionals
  • CutePDFCutePDF
  • Custom AppHost your custom App
  • Advanced MobileAdvanced Mobile Package
Ideal for:
  • Small Businesses
  • Specific Business Types
  • Budget Conscious