Andy at SkySuite™ answered all my questions thoroughly and promptly.

Stacy Kushner, Atlanta

Frequently asked questions

We're always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding SkySuite™ cloud services. Check out our frequently asked questions for some of the most popular topics, or feel free to email us or give us a call. If you are ready to sign up please click the "sign up" link at the top of the page and fill out the form.



What is Cloud Computing?

If you were to Google "cloud computing" you might get thousands of results with various definitions. In the context of SkySuite, cloud computing is a secure, affordable and flexible computing option that leverages a hosted, secure network environment that allows users access to desktop applications, server files and collaborative tools from any device that historically have been out of the price range of most small companies and individuals.

How secure are my files and data "in the cloud"?

It depends. Some providers of cloud services are referred to as "public clouds" and security standards may not meet the requirements of many businesses. Free email services are an example of such. With SkySuite, where security is our number one priority, your files, databases and applications are housed in a private cloud. We have established our core data center and network environment in Category 5 hardened facilities that meet SAS 70 type II, PCI and HIPAA compliancy. If you are in the financial, accounting, legal or healthcare professions, you understand the importance of these compliances and how difficult it is for small companies to meet. In other words, SkySuite is more secure than standalone systems and server rooms that you may be using today. Learn more about our security standards.

What is SkySuite?

SkySuite is a bundle of Microsoft cloud computing services specifically developed to provide enterprise computing capabilities for small companies, individual business owners and executive suite clients that can neither afford or desire to purchase, host, maintain or support off the shelf server and desktop applications needed to run their businesses.

What are the advantages of SkySuite?

SkySuite allows small companies and individuals to have the same computing power that many large companies enjoy at a few dollars a day. Instead of expensive equipment, software and support purchases, a SkySuite customer simply subscribes to our services and pays a small monthly fee. SkySuite also provides the security, reliability and flexibility that a managed network offers, allowing access to your desktop applications from any device including your home computer, office computer, smart phone or tablet.

What specific products and services are available from SkySuite?

SkySuite offers a full range of Microsoft products including Office 2010, Exchange Server and Outlook, SharePoint 2010, Dynamic CRM and much more for a few dollars a day versus thousands of dollars in capital expense.

How do I subscribe to SkySuite?

If you are a tenant of an executive suite office or virtual office operator you simple speak with your provider and within a matter of days you can be up and running on SkySuite: If you are a small company, call us at 1-877-61 MYSKY and our representatives will help you get "in the cloud".