Cloud Technology

SkySuite™ offers hosted computer desktop and VoIP solutions a range of clients including the workspace provider such as executive suites, coworking facilities and shared office environments and their clients. What makes us unique is that all of our services are run 'from the cloud', meaning a massive reduction in IT, phone service and equipment related overhead.. The vast majority of clietns will be able to run SkySuite™ offerings with no hardware upgrades at all. As an option, we offer a 'thin client' system which replaces workstation PCs as well as leased phone systems, that won't go out of date as we provide you with the newest versions and models, and require little to no maintenance.


The latest, greatest, and most powerful

Cloud DiagramEveryday your business managers are talking are trying to figure out how they can save money on capital expenditures, long term service agreements and operating expenses.  The focus for most managers has been on items such as office rent, personnel, furniture, internet, insurances, etc. Now with SkySuite™, they can add software licensing, local and long distance fees, expensive equipment purchases and maintenance to that list.  The average small company spends hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year purchasing desktop applications, upgrading equipment, and traditional phone service  to run their business.  Microsoft Exchange, Office 2012 and QuickBooks can cost up to $1500 alone and a single PRI from the local phone company cost nearly $1000 a month not including the long distance fees.  SkySuite™ eliminates that capital expenditure and fixed rate operating expense by providing everything for one low monthly fee with the flexibility to add or delete services without penalty  If an upgrade is in order a year or so from now, there's no additional expense to making the change.


Big-corporation security, scalability and reliability is now available to small businesses

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Many small companies and single practitioners have few options when it comes to having access to the robust and secure systems needed in today's complex workplace.  With SkySuite's™ hosted solutions, business managers can provide security, compliancy and performance that would be out of reach for almost all small companies.

Compared to the traditional approach of purchasing, provisioning and managing your own physical environment, utilizing SkySuite's™ services guarantees no downtime, better equipment, better security, improved back-up options, experienced technical support for maintenance, monitoring and service. With SkySuite™, you have a monthly recurring cost, and most importantly no upfront capital expenses.

SkySuite™ has partnered with Tier 1 manufacturers like Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Symantec & Research in Motion to provide you with the most robust & reliable infrastructure available today.  Our infrastructure is housed in two separate Category 5 disaster recovery data centers located on both the east and west coasts which assures 99.99% reliability.  Performance, reliability, scalability and most importantly security gives Center customers the peace of mind that their data, phones sytems and applications are safe from hackers and other threats. Just some of the security measures we employ include:

  • HIPAA, SSAE 16 and PCI Compliant servers, facilities and security
  • Data Storage, Backup and Private Cloud Drives
  • Anti-virus/SPAM Firewall protection
  • Domain Hosting


Secure, Reliable, Responsive and 24/7 US-based Staff

With every application, service and system comes the need for support. Is your staff spending valuable time and money on keeping a patchwork of systems working? Does your server room look like a giant spaghetti bowl of cables, switches and servers? As a Microsoft Gold Partner solutions provider and one of the leading experts on the Asterisk ( VoIP programming language and with a full time staff of dedicated certified IT and telecommunictions professionals, SkySuite™ takes the burden of support off your plate. Now your staff can go back to what they do best in selling and servicing customers while focusing on their areas of expertise. SkySuite™ offers a service level guarantee of 99.9% uptime of the cloud.